• How long do the lashes last?

    3-5 Eyelashes come out per day. There is some individual variation, but the total lashes applied will come down to about 1/3 in 3-4 weeks.

    How often should I maintain the lashes?

    You can keep pretty lashes by doing maintenance once every 2-3 weeks.
    We can add lashes to replace the ones where the glue has come off the base, or remove lashes where the direction has become twisted and replace them with new ones.

    Do you have any information about hiring beauticians?

    Yes, we are hiring beauticians.
    For more details, please see the recruiting page on this website

    Do the eyelashes fall out or get damaged?

    Normally, 3-5 eyelashes fall out per day. New eyelashes will grow in to take their place. Lashes will sometimes fall off at the same time your natural lashes grow out and fall during their growt cycle. Are you worried about fallen out areas of your lash line standing out with different widths and lengths?
    People who use eyelash curlers, get eyelash perm, or the like will put a load on the eyelashes and directly damage them as well.

    Is there anything I need to take care of daily?

    Do not get your eyelashes wet for about 5 hours after having them applied.
    Do not extensively touch or rub the eyelashes.
    Although it might be difficult when you sleep and are unconscious, we recommend you to lay on your back when going to sleep because it is easy to get friction with the bedding when sleeping face down or sideways.

    Will it harm my skin or eyes?

    Please be assured in our shop, the extension is attached about 1.5mm from the base of the eyelashes, so there is not any way for the extension glue stick directly to the skin. It does not affect the eyes because they are closed during treatment. We perform a patch test to see if your skin is easily irritable or weak.

    Is the glue you use safe?

    We are using allergenic-free medical-grade glue which was developed especially for safe use around the eyes. Please be assured that it has passed the safety standards in Japan.

    Is it okay to use mascara?

    If you rub the mounting part of the extensions with a mascara brush, this will cause extension is out soon, so we ask you to refrain from using mascara as much as possible. In addition, the resistance caused when touching can cause the extensions to get bent or come out. Please use only mascara specifically made for use with eyelash extensions.

    Is it okay to use an eyelash curler?

    Using an eyelash curler can cause the extensions to get bent or come out, so please refran from using eyelash curlers. The curl is already included in the extension itself, so there should be no need for an eyelash curler, but if you insist on using an eyelash curler after applying the lashes, please use a hot eyelash curler gently.

    How do I clean the lashes?

    The glue is sensitive to oil, so please use an oil-free cleansing solution. Please avoid touching the lashes as much as possible when washing your face, then rub gently with a towell to wipe off the water.

    Can I get into the sauna or pool?

    It takes about 5 hours for the glue to dry completely, so please try to avoid avoid on the day of the treatment. There is no problem from the next day, but touching the lashes with your hand or a towell towel after sweating or getting your face wet will cause the lashes to come out easier than usual.

    When is the best time to apply the lashes for a wedding ceremony?

    If this is your first time, you should try applying them 1 month before to in order for you to adapt to the extensions, then come in for maintenance about two days before the wedding. If you get a separate este or beauty treatment after applying the extensions, there is a risk the extensions might come out, so we recommend to apply the extensions after any other beauty treatments.

    What if I want to remove the extensions?

    We will remove them at the salon. The extensions can only be removed by using extension remover, so please do not try to remove by force with your hands by pulling or grabbing.

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