3D Baby Russian Volume Lashes
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3D Baby Russian Volume Lashes

New menu from November, 2016 has arrived! 3D Baby Russian Volume Lashes!

The Latest Eyelash Extension Craze 3D Baby Russian volume Lashes is causing a worldwide Revolution in Eyleash Volume.
Using the latest advanced technique, you will be fascinated with the splendid volume produced by our new menu 3D Baby Russian Volume Lashes.

3D Baby Russian Volume Lashes are a new revolution in Eyelash Volume using a highly advanced technique!

3D Russian Volume Lashes recieved a new volume technique in the eyelash industry in America from 2013.
Each and every person's eyelash volume does not stop here!

Baby Russian is ultra thin with a thickness of 0.07, light as a feather and a soft, smooth look.
You can enjoy a feeling of super natural volume and comfort by attaching these 0.07 extra thin, lightweight lashes to one of your natural lashes. Once you it, you will never go back to normal eyelash extensions!

For instance, even if you put on 5 of the 0.07 lashes, it does not even feel the weight of a single 0.15 lash, so you can feel a natural volume that is very lightweight.
The soft and natural volume feeling has never before been experienced in the eyelash extension industry.

Baby Russian Sable is ultra thin 0.07 mm thickness!!

Among eyelash extensions, this new technique is very popular and proven overseas.
At Crazy Beauty, we recommend the Japanese Supreme High Technique with 3D Russian Volume Lashes!

An extremely small amount of glue is used with the 0.07mm diameter 3D Baby russian Volume Lashes.

By all means, please try the fabulous volume 3D Baby Russian Volume lashes.

You can choose your desired volume from the new menu of 3D Baby Russian Volume! 1D Classic, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D
Many women have been searching for years for 3D Baby russian Volume Lashes.

About 100 - 1000 lashes of 3D Baby Russian volume will give you the ultimate lightweight and lasting a long time. It gives you the greatest eye power possible.

3D Baby Russian volume look even more gorgeous at special events (Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings)

You can volume up and look even more sexy.
Even for those who have very delicate and short natural eyelashes, you will feel practially no stress, so by all means challenge the 3D Russian Volume Lashes at your special event.

Please feel free to consult our staff for the best advice on maintaining the health of your eyelashes.
Enjoy posting many of your gorgeous and delightful 3D Baby Russian Volume Lash pictures to Facebook or Instagram.

✨Volume Lashs Approximate number of lashes✨
3D Russian Volume --> Russian Sable

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