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Special Campaigns

Special Campaign Information

  • Aging Treatment

    First Time in Japan Crezy Self Este Campaign☆
    Look 10 years Younger in 10 Minutes
    First-Time Trial Crazy Self Este Campaign
    First-time only: 2980 yen
    Crazy Self Este Aging Treatment
    Standard Price: 7980 yen
    Member Price: 6980

    ※ Displayed prices do not include sales tax, so an additional 8% will be charged at the time of payment

    Mens First-Time Trial Campaign

    Tokyo Eyelash Extension Salon Crazy Beauty
    has been featured on TV in Tokyo on 3 different stations.
    This is our "thank you" campaign!
    (Mens Membership Fee FREE campaign)
    Mens 100 lashes + Eyebrow cut service
    6980 yen
    (list price 19800 yen)

    Extra Premium Sable & Mink Color Lashes (one color)
    Sable and Mink available in color for the number of lashes you choose.
    You will definitely enjoy the color eyelash extensions.
    First-Time 60 lashes 5980 yen

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Crazy Beauty

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