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We are using the finest grade of made-in-Japan eyelash extension glue available in the industry.


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What are Premium Sable Extensions?

Premium Sable eyelash extensions are softer and lighter than silk or mink, and are considered to be the finest quality available. For a glossy and natural-looking finish!
Sable lashes have a special limberness and last remarkably long.

Premium Sable Eyelash extensions  Sable eyelash Extensions  

* The prices displayed do not include sales tax, and 8% sales tax will be added when paying for the service.

Premium Sable Lashes

Diamond Lashes

Diamond Lahes, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire

Very popular among celebrities!
Why not choose the only diamond eyelash in the world for your special occasion? We can also receive orders to change the eyelash jewel into a commemorative accessory after the occasion if you like.
Diamond Eyelash extension


2 for 3000 JPY (colors available)

Diamond, Pink Diamond, Yellow Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire Lashes

10000 JPY
30000 JPY
50000 JPY
100000 JPY
3-week advanced reservation required.

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