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Tokyo Eyelash Extension Salon Crazy Beauty

Tokyo eyelash Extension Salon Crazy Beauty has been featured several times on major television stations, and is located in the heart of the fashion district of Tokyo, Shibuya. Using a unique made-in-Japan medical-grade extension glue, the safety and duration of your lashes will last long after your visit. You can also choose from several unique designs including color lashes, and even crystal-coated lashes.
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When you register online at, you will get discounts and services such as time sale, birthday discount, student discount, and 500 yen coupon every week! Furthermore, you can see the history of your own personalized design, so please signup and enjoy ♪ You can enable or disable emails after logging in.

BENEFITS for making reservations online:
* Free popular carbonation treatment
 (worth 1500 yen total)
* Time Sale benefits
* Birthday specials
Online reservations available 24-hours a day!
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bitcoin ビットコイン
Bitcoin is now accepted at Tokyo Eyelash Extensions Crazy Beauty
Please inquire for details about which menu items you can use Bitcoin for.


When you use money at Tokyo Eyelash Extensions Crazy Beauty, you can be awarded mileage from ANA Airlines. Now, you can put on the eyelash extensions and enjoy your vacation even more!

Tokyo Eyelash Extensions Crazy Beauty now accepts credit cards.

We have found a new high-quality eyelash extension glue that is long-lasting and is very safe against allergies.

2012.06.05 We have implemented a new state-of-the-art online reservations system which can be accessed by PC or smart phone. Just press the pink "Reserve Online" button to access the system.

Tokyo Eyelash Extension Salon

  • High-Grade

    Super Premium Sable Lashes, Benefits of Quality

    In our salon, we offer premium eyelash extensions even Hollywood celebrities enjoy. We are very confident in our safety and technique for all aspects of your lashes including angle, vellus, design, eyelashes , such as quality of hair, and more. We think you will definitely be satisfied.

  • Choose your preferred style

    Choose Your Style

    If you have concerns about your eyelash thickness, narrowness, delicateness, or anything else, then rest assured!
    We will provide a style that fits your eyes and eyelashes just right.

    Super Premium Sable Lashes Four Curl Type: J, C, CC, and D
    Four thickness types: 0.10, 0.15,0.18, 0.20
    11 Length types: 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm

    We offer more than 198 of all 11 types of four length types × four thickness types and 10 different colors and four curl types.

    Color, curl, thickness, length, from among the more than 198 total, and in consultation with the customer, we propose a design that matches the customers needs, then proceed with the treatment.

  • Eyelash Extension glue approved as medical adhesive

    The glue we are using contains the same substance as medical adhesive, so is very safe and well-suited for use with eyelash extensions. Using a special inventory management system, lot is managed by serial number, and delivered immediately after production to customers. Principal component uses a butyl cyanoacrylate, and is manufactured in Japan. It has a low stimulus and does not irritate the eye. In addition, because of the glue's high flexibility, it also is strong against laterial vibrations.
    If you are using medical-grade glue, your eyelashes will remain healthy even without taking any time off.

    Technique and Safety
    * This salon has obtained formal approval as "Registered Beauty salon" from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare by passing strict inspection by the health center.
    * Under the health center guidance we have implemented daily hygiene management of equipment and environmental surfaces, disinfection of tools, hands, and wash area, and placement of licensed beauticians in the salon.
    * We have introduced only tools, materials and cosmetics that have passed exceptional safety standards for customers to use.
    * We always put safety of the customer first, and will not perform any unreasonable treatments requested by customers. Aftertreatment care will also be firmly supported.
    * All eyelists performing the treatment are licensed beauticians, and are continually improving their level of safety, service, and technique through regular training sessions and skill testing.

Pregnancy Warning

  • If you are pregnant, we cannot apply eyelash extensions without your doctor's written permission.
    We are using medically-tested safe surgical extension glue, so you can rest assured there will be no side effects.

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